Inspection Ability

Inspection Ability; To provide customers with product performance confirmation, Complete simulation test, to ensure that assembly products meet the standard requirements.

Testing Capability ANALYTICAL TEST
Medium Laboratory

Yehee Energy has built a high-level gas medium laboratory (API 11D1 V0) and liquid medium laboratory (API 11D1 V3) in the industry to conduct full and complete simulation tests on the application functions of products and the performance confirmation of new product development to ensure that the delivered assembly products meet the standard requirements, customer requirements and field application requirements. Two independent test chambers can be used to test the combination of temperature cycling, pressure reversal and load. API 11D1 (packer/bridge plug) products, API 14A (safety valve) products, API 14L (lock cylinder and seat short) products, API 19AC (completion accessories) products, and API 17D (subsea Christmas tree plug) products can be tested.

Mesoid Laboratory TEST CASE
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