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Yehee Energy Welcomes Overseas Customers' Visit and Draws a New Chapter of Co-operation!

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On 29th May, Yehee Energy received three customer representatives from Belarus for an in-depth and comprehensive visit. This visit is not only a review of our production strength, but also an important milestone for both sides to deepen the cooperation and seek the future together.

The person in charge and staff representatives of Yehee Energy accompanied the three Belarusian customer representatives to visit the company's showroom, and explained to them the model, performance, application field and usage of each product in the showroom, and also visited Yehee Energy's modern production line, research and development centre and quality control centre in depth. From the efficient operation of semi-automated assembly line to the strict quality management system, every detail shows the pursuit of product quality by Yehee Energy.

During the visit, the Belarusian customers highly appreciated the advanced equipment and professional skills of the staff, and both sides had an in-depth communication on the topics of product technological innovation, supply chain optimisation and market trends, etc. The visit not only strengthened the communication between the two sides, but also strengthened the communication between the two sides. The face-to-face communication not only enhanced mutual understanding and trust, but also opened up more possibilities for future cooperation.

Yehee Energy always adheres to the business philosophy of ‘commitment, innovation, integrity and win-win’, focuses on the manufacture of oil completion tools, and continuously invests in product function iteration and innovation, product quality upgrading, and constantly improves and optimises its products, which are exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Congo and other foreign markets. Welcome more domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory!


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